sound & character

Lyle Rosdahl


in the cubicle, newly moved in as he was, he could not help but notice everything as there was nothing of substance to observe. the high fabric...

the t(h)ompson twins

thomson and thompson, thompson said, are detectives with scotland yard. [to be precise, thomson said, we’re scotland yard defectives.] be seated. the both of you. as you are virtually indistinguishable...

my name is andy warhol

(voice #1):
my name is andy warhol. uncomfortable coincidence. this is my life wrapped up in butcherʼs paper, bound and gagged. this is my life separated from everything that happened...

la loteria: a mystery

an oulipo mystery in which i used loteria cards to create the plot of the story. the squares on each page are used as images and frames over which the story unravels like a frayed thread.

wile e.: fractured biographies

the negative dialectic: an eaten biography
a family prop
the negative dialectic: no pictures of furry little wile e. with mommy holding him on her lap...


thirty years prior to the erection of the statue, there had been no statue. what i mean is there was no concept here of the representation of biography in stone. opinion was not public as such....


the slime at the bottom of his coffee cup turned out to be his very soul.

the slow curves of its path (haplotrema concavum)

the snail had been moving along the garden wall for over an hour. since she started watching it. she found the smooth, slow curves of its path soothing. she watched the way that the trail gradually dried up, so slowly that you couldn’t see it finally dry...