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Sublime Light

This is worth going to before it closes this Sunday (unfortunately, I’m not posting this until now). I was surprised by how many of the photos I recognized and how small they are. These are the photos (and process) that I particularly liked: Which Came First: Englightenment by Celia Alvarez Muñoz. Photos of eggs in a…

B&W photos… Why?

Some very strange photos (B&W). Some of them must have been “doctored” either in analog or later digitally. Still they beg the question: why? In this way they break the suspension of disbelief to the point where the viewer necessarily asks who the photographer was and wonders what they were thinking. Bad choice or absurd…

Library Trekkies


Library Trekkies

...and an albino gorilla

This photo was found in some records given to the Texana department here at the San Antonio Public Library. Identification still pending. I think I recognize some of them from the old, old periodicals department…

I’ve been corrected twice now about the albino gorilla. These cheeky monkeys. Notice the similarities:

Dunce Cap

Fiesta Light

The diffusion of light in the spring always reminds me of Fiesta. The light green, new leaves of the trees against their dark boughs. Cloudy skies intensify the light scattering it everywhere. It seems to radiate even from the sidewalks. Because this is the time when Fiesta explodes upon San Antonio like a cascarone over…


For “Husserl it is certain that an image is basically a modification: ‘[…] through its very sense as such, an “image” presents itself as a modification of something that, in absence of this modification, would simply be present […].’” (qtd in “The Neutrality of Images and Husserlian Aesthetics” by Christian Ferencz-Flatz) Everything is image. Everything is art. Ferencz-Flatz,…

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