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Cricket Equation

Here’s an awesome equation to figure out the temperature from the chirping frequency of crickets. Who doesn’t love math? From Molly Keck’s always interesting What’s Buggin’ Ya. T = 50 + (N-40/4) T = Temperature N= number of chirps The newsletter in its entirety. And don’t forget to check out Postcard Fiction Collaborative (yeah, nothing…


Experimental Writing

An excellent, short article about What Happened to Experimental Writing? by Susan Steinberg. She astutely observes the importance of process. And while rules are generally ridiculous for experimental writing, I think she does a good job of applying three in her own writing: “Experimental writing a) had to be inventive or had to bend or advance or subvert preexisting…

Sublime Light

This is worth going to before it closes this Sunday (unfortunately, I’m not posting this until now). I was surprised by how many of the photos I recognized and how small they are. These are the photos (and process) that I particularly liked: Which Came First: Englightenment by Celia Alvarez Muñoz. Photos of eggs in a…

A Religion of Survival

“The priest likes having the narcos here,” Ramón went on. “Some are quite religious. They fixed up his church. They get their kids baptized there.” — The culture of survival (the survival of culture) is so deeply ingrained. — “The Kingpins” by William Finnegan . The New Yorker 2JUL12.

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